46” Optima Hydraulic Press

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The 46” Hydraulic Tyre Curing Press - Optima Series has a 46” common cavity and is suitable for PCR tyres. Key features are as follows:

  • Uniform squeeze load distribution - single groove locking.
  • Faster cycle time - 52 seconds.
  • SMO with provision for bladder leak detection.
  • Top ring and press up/down movement with LVDT for accurate positional accuracy (±1mm).
  • Lesser components (Screw & nut eliminated).
  • Ease of maintenance (All hyd. cylinders are in accessible level).
  • Less foot print. Press width comparison
    Optima - 4213 mm. Kobe type - 4861 mm. Frame type - 4516 mm. Tie rod type - 4338 mm
  • User friendly operating system with movable HMI station.
  • Servo drive with ball screw for VCL & Unloader Up/Down movement ensures smooth operation, high positional accuracy (±0.1mm) and lesser cycle time.
  • Pick and place / Pass through chuck for both VCL and Unloader.
  • Tire holder with top bead wall support or with bottom shoulder support.
  • Energy efficiency
    • Thicker heat shield
    • Servo up/down for VCL/UL instead of Oil hydraulic


Press model Common cavity
Press closing force 350,000 lbs
Heat shield ID 1170 mm (46")
Mold height 250 – 500 mm
Thickness of Heating platen 60 mm
Thickness of Insulating platen 25 mm
Bead diameter range 12”-18”
Green Tire height 500 mm MAX
Green Tire diameter 775mm MAX
Max Top Half mold weight 2000 kg / cavity
Internal pressure 28bar MAX
Platen heating pressure 16bar MAX
Shaping pressure 1.5bar MAX
Press weight without VCL & UL 13.5T

NOTE: Variation between mould height used in both the cavities should be within 1 mm.