68.5” Truck Bus Hydraulic Press

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The 68.5” Truck Bus Hydraulic Press - TBR Series - has the following features:

  • Independent cavity Operation
  • Uniform squeeze load distribution employing breech lock design
  • Faster cycle time - 120 Seconds
  • Automated Mold Height setting, with no manual intervention
  • Energy efficiency
    • Fully enclosed shell structure, with inbuilt heat shield improves energy efficiency
    • Platen insulation with lesser thermal conductivity
  • Top ring, Loader, Unloader and press up/down movement with LVDT for accurate positional accuracy (±1mm)
  • SMO with provision for bladder leak detection
  • Lesser components (Screw & nut eliminated)
  • Installation with V – Orientation for easy access of molds & maintenance
  • Pick and place / Pass through chuck for both VCL and Unloader
  • Tire holder with bottom shoulder support



Press model

Independent cavity

Press closing force

1150,000 lbs

Heat shield ID

1760 mm

Mold height

400 –700 mm

Thickness of Heating platen

70 mm

Thickness of Insulating platen

25 mm

Bead diameter range


Green Tire height

325-600 mm

Green Tire diameter

1380mm MAX

Max Top Half mold weight

6850 kg / cavity

Internal pressure

28bar MAX

Platen heating pressure

16bar MAX

Shaping pressure

2.5bar MAX

Press weight without VCL & UL