Independent Cavity Hydraulic Press

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Modular construction

  • Independent Operation
  • 550,000 lbs closing force per cavity
  • Choice of center mechanism – standing post or rolling in bladder
  • Squeezing stress limited to bolsters & tie-rod – no load on frames
  • Parallelism and vertical movement of top platen ensured through cam rollers rolling on hardened and ground guide rails
  • Uniform closing force application through three squeeze cylinder in the bottom frame which pull the coupler & tie rod
  • Better accuracy on account of fixed bottom platen
  • Provision for fine adjustment of parallelism between platens with cam rollers
  • Automatic mould height adjustment.

 No. of Cavities

 Two – platen type

 Cavity control



 550 000 lbs

 Inner diameter of the heat shield

 1320 mm

 Mould thickness

 320 mm to 630 mm

 Mould type

 2 piece mould and segmented mould

 Bead diameter range

 17” – 25”

 Max. Recommended top Half mould weight

 5 tons

 SMO force

 150 KN

 Green tyre height

 180 mm to 550 mm

 Green tyre outer diameter

 550 mm to 900mm

 Cured tyre outer diameter

 950 mm

 Cured tyre height

 500 mm

These are typical specifications. Modification to suit specific customer needs will be taken up on request.