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The Batch-off unit with wig-wag stackers consists of the following main components.

  • Take-off conveyor section which includes the driven take-off conveyor belt.
  • Dip tank for cooling and for applying the anti-tack medium, complete with drive unit.
  • Cooling festoon rack, provided with a chain conveyor with fixed suspension bars with a number of cooling ventilators, drive and a platform.
  • Wig-wag stacking units for discharging the rubber as an endless strip, complete with the drive unit.
  • The complete electrical and pneumatic equipment with switch board, operating mechanism and connection boxes, safety devices, etc.
  • This being a custom built equipment, the customer has to provide details of his requirement. A typical specification of the batch off unit is given below and the customer can provide the details of his requirement.


Number of sections in cooling rack

1.5 m x 14

Maximum width of the machine

2700 mm

Maximum height of the machine

10600 mm

Number of cooling fans


Distance between carrier bars


Temperature of stock at entrance

150 deg.C

Slab width

600 - 900 mm

Slab thickness max./min

12 mm/8 mm

Maximum loop length in cooling rack

1500 mm

Capacity in kg/hour (sg = 1.2)


Capacity dip tank

1275 ltr

Discharge speed from mill

7-42 m/min

Air output of cooling ventilators

8500 m3/hr

Capacity circulation pump of dip tank

200 ltr/min.

Operating pressure of equipment

6 bar

Power of dip tank motor

5.5 kW

Power of circulation pump

0.68 kW

Power of cooling rack motor

4kW;2160rpm DC

Power of fan motors

0.75 kW

Power of Wig-wag motor Bottom

2.25 kW


4 kW

Discharge speed wig-wag unit

7 - 42 m/min