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L&T RPM Unit's Tyre curing presses can be fitted with Vertical Chuck Loaders for handling bias and radial tyres of various sizes. These fully automatic units perform two basic functions:

  • Storing uncured tyres until the press is ready to receive them.
  • Placing uncured tyres on the extended bladders and holding them in position till the bladder is sufficiently inflated to hold the tyre.

The extensive range covers loaders to handle tyres of passenger cars, light trucks, trucks and off -the-road presses
High-accuracy Vertical Chuck Loaders for radial tyres

L&T RPM Unit in-house R&D facility has developed high accuracy vertical chuck loaders for handling radial tyres of passenger cars, light trucks and trucks. These loaders ensure higher accuracy in centering, alignment and concentricity on the mould centre. They are rigid in construction and hence retain the accuracy of the settings over a period of time. Vertical chuck loaders can be supplied along with the presses and also retrofitted onto the presses in service.

Green Tyre Holders

L&T RPM Unit offers a variety of green tyre holders for use with vertical chuck loaders depending upon the tyre technology and customer requirements.

Vertical Chuck Loader for TCPS


Description 42L15A 42/45PassL5* 45L10 45PassL9* 48 PassL9
Type of lift Air Hydraulic Air Hydraulic Hydraulic
Type of in/out drive Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Paddle actuation Air Air Air Air Air
Bead range bias (inches) 42358 - 15-26 - -
Bead range radial (inches) 42358 42354 42358 42354 42354
Green tyre height          
Max(mm) 762 Bias 370 Radial 762 Bias Radial 365Radial
Min(mm) 265 Radial 205 Radial 265 Radial Radial 215 Radial


Description 55L11 63-1/2L12L2* 78-L1L1 91L1L1 100L1
Type of lift Hydraulic Hydraulic Electric Electric Electric
Type of in/out Hydraulic Hydraulic Electric Electric Electric
Paddle actuation Air Air Electric Electric Electric
Bead range bias (inches) 15-26 - 18-35 18-41 20-34
Bead range radial (inches) 15-26 20-24.5 18-35 18-41 20-34
Green tyre height          
Max(mm) 762 Bias 610 Bias 1219 Bias 1676 Bias 1880 Bias
Min(mm) 330 Radial 381 Radial 432 Radial 432 Radial 432 Radial