Mechanical Tyre Curing Presses

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The extensive range covers presses for curing tyres of scooters, motorcycles, passenger cars, light trucks, trucks, tractors and off-the-road equipment.

Main Features Include:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Platens or domes for heating moulds
  • Single acting or double acting centre mechanisms, which ensure accurate centering, shaping and curing of bias/radial tyres
  • Unloader systems
  • Centralised automatic lubrication systems
  • Provision for mounting segmented mould operators
  • Improved design of tyre curing presses with reduced stress levels, longer life and higher accuracy

The hydraulic press range includes presses for passenger / LCV and truck radial tyres with advanced features such as:

  • Individual cavity control
  • Electronic pumps for energy optimization
  • Standing Post and Rolling-in-bladder options
  • Suitable for both two piece and segmented moulds
  • Pick and place or stripper unloader

Curing Controls

Tyre curing presses are furnished with controls to suit the technology and requirements of the various tyre manufacturers. The complete instrumentation and controls are custom built to suit the tyre curing process. Ergonomically designed instrumentation and control panels are offered with the state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) of reputed manufacturers for press motion as well as cure control.

Simple and effective Dedicated Programmable Logic Controller (DPLC) has been developed in our in-house R&D facility to provide highly reliable and cost effective solution for replacement of electronic timers used for cure time control.